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Born in 1991, Andrea is (generally) 81kg and is unhealthily obsessed with the colour yellow. He reads books that contain more pictures than words. TL;DR: Graphic Designer, Animator, Illustrator; and passionate about pretty much anything design-related

Andrea Meli @BoMbLu

27, Male

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MCAST Institute of Art & Desig


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In three year's time I'll probably find myself reading this very post, kicking my self in the ass for not getting this project done after so much time. (End of Prelude)


I called NEWGROUNDS my home for most of my adolescence. Long story short, I owe it to this website for getting me into animation, which lead me into taking desgin seriously and turning it int my career. So, hey, thanks NG! The rise of youtube unfortunately pulled me away from NG and, even though I did frequent it occasionally, I sort of put this site aside for a few years. However, in the last couple of years I found myself frequenting the site on a more regular basis. Maybe the rise in unnecessary censorship was making this inevitable. Plus, the whole Tumbr thing. Enough is beeing said about this and I don't really have much to add to the conversation at the moment.

(Sidenote; i sound like an old fart. If you've gotten this far, cheers babe!)

Around four months ago I dreamt of taking on a new personal side-project: Redesign NEWGROUNDS. Turn it (visually) into a media-consumption-and-contribution powerhouse.

I'm in relatively early stages of the whole design project but I'm tempted to use these posts to documentt this side project, hopefully get feedback and, eventually, finish this silly sideproject already.


Below is what I plan to use as the main NEWGROUNDS icon, a relatively tightened-up Tank Man Head. Thoughts?

i removed that annoying yellow flash - sorry about that




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