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Cool stuff, really well executed - Not only is the art-style and animation excellent, but the sound design is also well thought out! Good job :D

Hilarious! Good job guys :)

Excellent on so many levels, Merry Christmas to you Sir JamesLee!!

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The foundation of a good game

As some may have already mentioned, the sound is the main problem with this game (in my opinion) - i was expecting it to have more dramatic music and more 'swift' sound effects for the characters (maybe having him have a ninja-like jump sound, slight tapping when he runs, maybe even soft beeps for the sentinels which patrol the corridors?) - that said i love the 'tom and jerry' styled sound that plays when one walks in the shade.

The video logs are quite a good concept, though they tend to get a bit repetitive, maybe adding more disturbance.

Overall the gameplay was quite good, i havent encountered any bugs/lag which broke the game for me. Some more variety in the enemies would be nice too :)


The game's addicting, challanging and very fun. The levels were well designed and the final level was very rewarding when i managed to complete it. Everything about this game is brilliant, the art, programming, sound, etc.

I only found one bug, i believe it was in level 5 or lvl 6 of the final arena, when i fell off a very high place in the game there was a form of invisible floor which allowed me to walk over some of the obstacles i had passed before.

Great stuff! I'd love to see a sequel!

Good Game

You created a fun game - it's nice to see something new (Giant Insects) rather than Zombies or the usual fantasy creatures. The game is challenging and the upgrades system is pretty good.

What i'd like to see would be having the actual other two henchmen fight beside you as sometimes i feel quite underpowered (only having the possibility of equipping two 50+ health packs and fighting against 3 strong monsters) is quite intimidating. However, having each character contribute to your skills and cash is a pretty sweet addition to this rpg.

Great work guys :)

robotJAM responds:

We would have liked to have them fighting alongside, it was just too much work, 20 characters all with fight moves would have take us forever to make.

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This cover sounds brilliant! As jangothehedgehog said, it's very inspiring. Well done mate!

Good stuff here

I think it's slightly repetitive but it's a catchy tune - it might be good for a game ;)

Decibel responds:

Tkellem bil-malti sieghedb =)
Jekk trid tuza f'xi Flash by all means, tghini hafna kieku ukoll.... Jekk taf xi maltin ohra ibatli PM, halli forsi nibdew thread fil-BBS al Maltin =]

Thanks Mate ;)


Now i normally like 8bits for their retro-feel, but this had that something extra. Maybe because it's soooo close to the original and that, even being 8bit, there are a lot of 'dynamics' in the sounds perse.

I will surely check your other stuff once i'm done listening to this beauty for the 7th time or so. Excellent stuff man :)

darkhydra1 responds:

thanks for the comment and i apologise for the lateness in my reply, i havent been on here in a while , but thanks very much for the comment

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Tippy toes a-creeping!

Brilliant! I particularly love Luis's Machete impersonation :3

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