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Amazing work, super talented! More, I say!

SunCreatureStudio responds:

And more you shall have ;) the first episode got funded on the kickstarter! uhuu, 1 day to go :)

lacks a lot of stuff!!

The music isnt too bad even tho i dont like metal but the animation is very poor to be honest...the drummer's just looping in the same position with the guitarist somethimes popping in and then a headbanger comes in for some time

I think if you made each character into a movie clip and added a few motion tweens it would look much better cos you can easily make closeups and sliding movements - it would look much better...and even a little blinking by the ppls would have added that extra something

yet the music's quite ok so i'll give you a 2

RC15 responds:

I was gunna add blinking aswell but yeah. Thanks for the comments.

<3 it

My God THIS is animation :P
Storyline is preented rly propperly - nothing seems unexplained and once again -animation is brilliant!! You seriously inspired me into getting back to this complicated animation thing i was doing some time ago :P

Will you release the series into DVD or something?

LeafWorthy responds:

Thank you! The series will definitely hit DVD once I get 4-5 episodes in, then as a series of DVDs as it gets longer.

Origional and Fun

lol..i watched it over and over for aobut 7 times...Damn that was good. i loked the way u drew the bakground with crayons (i assume) and the character tyle was symple but effective...same to the story line - short and sweet

i'd love to see more!!
keep it up!!

Benji-dog responds:

Backgrounds were done in Photoshop with brush tool.

my 1st review:P

well...it wazt that bad...
the grapics were quite gd...but the action scrypt thing in the beginning messed it up...just find the actionscript and paste it n the action bar (F9)
thw sund wasnt bad...
humor...don know y i gave u a 1 :S
next time make it longer

gd luck 4 future flash

ZekeySpaceyLizard responds:

Learn to spell, n00b.

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