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Amazing work, super talented! More, I say!

SunCreatureStudio responds:

And more you shall have ;) the first episode got funded on the kickstarter! uhuu, 1 day to go :)

not a flash...

i dare say it's not a flash animation so you might get a few comments on that but being a 3d modeler myself, the standard is quite high. Maybe animating some of your models would be quite nice, and prob more suitable for NG afterall...i'm still giving you a 5/5 for the 3dmodeling, 9/10 for it not being a flash ;p

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3D-xelu responds:

:P thanks :D

i'm not a big FLASH guru... soo i just wanted feedback for these models :D

thanks again

lacks a lot of stuff!!

The music isnt too bad even tho i dont like metal but the animation is very poor to be honest...the drummer's just looping in the same position with the guitarist somethimes popping in and then a headbanger comes in for some time

I think if you made each character into a movie clip and added a few motion tweens it would look much better cos you can easily make closeups and sliding movements - it would look much better...and even a little blinking by the ppls would have added that extra something

yet the music's quite ok so i'll give you a 2

RC15 responds:

I was gunna add blinking aswell but yeah. Thanks for the comments.

<3 it

My God THIS is animation :P
Storyline is preented rly propperly - nothing seems unexplained and once again -animation is brilliant!! You seriously inspired me into getting back to this complicated animation thing i was doing some time ago :P

Will you release the series into DVD or something?

LeafWorthy responds:

Thank you! The series will definitely hit DVD once I get 4-5 episodes in, then as a series of DVDs as it gets longer.

Origional and Fun

lol..i watched it over and over for aobut 7 times...Damn that was good. i loked the way u drew the bakground with crayons (i assume) and the character tyle was symple but effective...same to the story line - short and sweet

i'd love to see more!!
keep it up!!

Benji-dog responds:

Backgrounds were done in Photoshop with brush tool.

only ''good'' thing were the graphics...sort of

keep it up on the graphics...but my God!!?!?!what was that all about?
everyone submits all the Clock/Lock stuff and it became vry un-origional

try get a good story line and combine all the characters u made...it might go better that this one

Spinister responds:

proud to be a jeeEEEWW

my 1st review:P

well...it wazt that bad...
the grapics were quite gd...but the action scrypt thing in the beginning messed it up...just find the actionscript and paste it n the action bar (F9)
thw sund wasnt bad...
humor...don know y i gave u a 1 :S
next time make it longer

gd luck 4 future flash

ZekeySpaceyLizard responds:

Learn to spell, n00b.

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