Of Nuggets and New Things

2013-10-06 16:22:41 by BoMbLu

Inspired by a particular NG users' Voice Demo Reel, I have embarked upon a new animation project. Still not sure where i'm going with this, all I know is that - if complete - it'll be pretty random. On the other hand, I'm trying out a new work-flow for flash animations - Illustrate in Illustrator, import into Flash to lip-synch, import into After Effects to animate - does anyone else work this way?!

Of Nuggets and New Things


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2013-10-08 10:38:03

Random animation is good animation.

I used to illustrate with Illustrator and use for Flash, for a while, now I don't do much vector work any longer. What I do do can be done easily with Fireworks too.

BoMbLu responds:

I never used fireworks before, i'll give it a try one day!


2013-10-09 00:58:31

It used to be Macromedia's before Adobe bought it, and I'm a bit surprised they kept it since they have Photoshop. You could say it's a slimmed down version of that, really easy to use in comparison.