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BoMbLu's News

Posted by BoMbLu - April 1st, 2015


Super Excited! After a year and a half in the making, my first indie game is coming to Xbox! And the greatest part? It'll be out on April 21st for Xbox One and Windows Phone.

Check the game out on the xbox store at http://bit.ly/1GLTXoH

KiwiHorse™ Escape from Shangri-La is an arcade side scroller contains 35 levels of pure insanity, in 4 unique environments, full of puzzles, traps, horses, kiwis and manta-rays.

Go to the Xbox Store now and use the code AprLFlz01 and pre-order the game. Using this code will also give you 10% off (RRP £9.99)

Posted by BoMbLu - May 11th, 2014

Once again, new project in the works! Will it see the light of day on completion? #WhoTheFkKnows :D


Posted by BoMbLu - October 13th, 2013

Quick update on my animation project, Posh Pansy got a haircut! Currently lip-synching the character, hopefully the scene will be ready some time today!

Haircuts Lip Synching

Posted by BoMbLu - October 8th, 2013

Early illustration work-in-progress for the (chronologically, first) scene in my project!

Posh Pansies

Posted by BoMbLu - October 7th, 2013

This is turning out to be a pretty fun project to work on. Worked on some fbf light effects that surround Nugget today, i think they turned out pretty well in the animated version (no sneak peeks). Still not sure if i should use the "photograph" in the background to simulate space or if i should create the stars etc manually, i'll probably determine this once i work on the next scene and see how these scenes tie into each other.

Floating in the Void

Posted by BoMbLu - October 6th, 2013

Inspired by a particular NG users' Voice Demo Reel, I have embarked upon a new animation project. Still not sure where i'm going with this, all I know is that - if complete - it'll be pretty random. On the other hand, I'm trying out a new work-flow for flash animations - Illustrate in Illustrator, import into Flash to lip-synch, import into After Effects to animate - does anyone else work this way?!

Of Nuggets and New Things

Posted by BoMbLu - October 1st, 2013

Another quicky! ლಠ益ಠ)ლ

Another Gif!

Posted by BoMbLu - September 30th, 2013

Back to flash after an unintentionally long hiatus!


Posted by BoMbLu - March 3rd, 2012

I'm planning an interactive group project in Flash - basically i'm planning to have a short animation, roughly two to three minutes - that would also include a couple of Quick Time events, ala' Heavy Rain or God of War.

For instance, one of the planned scenes is to have the main character engage in a duel.

I imagined the sequence to work in this order: As the animation is playing, say the characters begin to duel. At one particular point they 'block' each-others attacks. In this case, the user would need to 'press a button' to 'push' the enemy and continue dueling. Now I imagined that the quick time event button would appear at say 30 seconds into the interactive movie, as the two characters are blocking, and as the timeline moves forward to, say, 35 seconds, the user could press the button to 'win' the particular sequence. If the user does not press the button in the allocated 5 seconds, the timeline would continue playing to show off the 'death sequence.' However, if the user presses the button on time, the timeline would jump off to the 'death of the enemy' sequence, and continue playing off the movie till another quick time sequence occurs.

I was thinking i could code the buttons to [on press, go to the particular place in the timeline, if not keep playing to the death sequence].

Is there an easier or more effective (yet simple) way of creating these kinds of events?


Posted by BoMbLu - February 8th, 2012

Whoa, now *this* is what a re-design's all about.

Not that i'm very keen on the 'new' look, the previous version was better in my opinion. The background images, to me, make the site feel like a 13-year-old-haven (even though that is what it was for me back when I started visiting the grounds)

If I could ask for a possible option for us users, unless it already exists and I'm missing it out [too much stuff going on >:( ], would be to allow us to 'change' the settings for the site backgrounds, maybe decided to have it change in every page (which is how it works now, at least that's what i'm experiencing atm) or to completely turn off the backgrounds in the internal pages and keep them for the main page?

I also miss the short descriptions for the front page submissions but i'll get used to the big tabs.

The things I LOVE, however, are the 'intro's' before agreeing to load a submission on the animation/game page. Those sounds make the animations and games feel more special for some reason :P Also, the post moods, they're awesome!

Here's hoping i'll get the hang of the new site quickly!